The mainstay of our property business is in the provision of superior workforce accommodation to diverse industries, complemented by a full spectrum of services in facility management.

We have a reputation for setting the benchmark for workforce accommodation in Singapore. Workers are housed comfortably and enjoy work-life balance; our clients benefit from peace of mind and the confidence that their workers are well taken care of, outside working hours.

MES is a member of the Dormitory Association of Singapore, which serves to improve standards and promote good practices within the workforce accommodation industry.

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Our host of facilities include sleeping quarters, cooking areas, group gathering spaces, gyms, recreation rooms, medical centres, canteens, ATMs and remittance centres. Services include security, transportation and the organisation of recreational activities. At all times, safety and hygiene are key priorities at our well-managed premises.

MES operates four key dormitory locations in Singapore, housing about 24,000 guest workers spanning the petro-chemical, manufacturing, marine, construction and other process industries.
legal dormitory for workers in SingaporeThe Leo
Built in 2014, the award-winning Leo received the prestigious BCA Greenmark Gold Plus award for eco-friendly functionality and water-saving features.

The entire property comprises five high-rise blocks totalling 365 residential units. Located in the heart of the Kaki Bukit light industrial zone, it is easily accessible from the Pan Island Expressway and Bartley Road East.

The Leo boasts a plethora of features in a condo-like environment, where residents enjoy a wide range of amenities. These include a full gym powered by Life Fitness Equipment, a spacious reading room, a carpeted prayer room, a fully furnished games room, a fully equipped sick bay, a mini-mart, a beer garden and an ATM. State-of-the-art surveillance systems are powered by Certis Cisco. Full round-the-clock security is provided across the entire premises.

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“MES serves as our eyes and ears in the dormitories, and they do a good job of monitoring and taking care of our foreign workers. This is good because we cannot be physically present at the dormitory – this grants us peace of mind.” MES Client


legal housing for work permit workersJurong Penjuru
Dormitory 1 & 2
Designed and built in 2006, Jurong Penjuru was the first workforce dormitory compound in Singapore to be developed by the riverside.

Its two 15-storey towers, totalling a massive 945 units, also pushed the boundaries by being the first high-rise block for workers. The facility has an excellent location close to Jurong Island, with easy transport access to the Ayer Rajah Expressway and West Coast Highway. Residents benefit from more relaxation time as they minimise their commute to their workplaces.

Jurong Penjuru Dormitory 1 & 2 have been branded as a ‘jewel’ of built space, enabling its residents to socialise and enjoy a host of organised events and ethnic festivities, all under the same roof. In addition, a recreation park at nearby Penjuru Road, game rooms, reading rooms, sick bays and free medical clinic services are also provided.

Dormitory Singapore | legal housing for work permit workersBlue Stars
Built in 2003, the Blue Stars Dormitory in the Jurong industrial zone comprises 395 units spread across seven blocks. It is easily accessible from the Ayer Rajah and Pan Island Expressways.

Blue Stars was the first dedicated worker residence in Singapore to feature a unit-based system akin to public housing, where blocks of units have common corridors at every level.

With a multi-purpose hall, cafeteria, wet market, mini-mart and outdoor fitness areas for workers to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, Blue Stars Dormitory set the benchmark for providing comprehensive amenities. Over the years, it has been modified and upgraded to keep it up to date, with improved surveillance systems, landscaping and a programme of regular refurbishment.

legal dormitory for workers in Singapore Facility

Leveraging our deep-rooted level of understanding and know-how across our businesses, we create synergies among our relevant offerings and competencies to achieve cost efficiencies and add value to your business. Our offerings encompass multiple complementary disciplines, optimising efficiency. This is achieved through successful integration of the important elements of people, place, process and technology.

As part of our continuous improvement, we nimbly adapt to shifting market conditions and customer needs, challenging them when necessary to solve all our clients’ problems.

Scope of Services

Facility Management Consultancy

  • Asset Management
  • Energy Efficiency Enhancement


Facility Management Services

  • (Operational) Maintenance and Management
  • Procurement
  • Contract Management
  • Facility Auditing
  • Structural Inspection
  • Interior and Exterior Façade Rectification
  • Security Management


Project Management Services

  • Tenants’ Fit-out Works
  • Additions and Alterations
  • Construction Management Works
  • Replacement Works to M&E Facilities


Facility Management Products and Technology Solutions

  • Computer Management and Maintenance System
  • Fire Safety Management
At MES, we harness our cross-functional expertise to provide comprehensive facility management services for all our workforce accommodation, our commercial warehouses and the various private properties under our umbrella.