MES Property Establishes Green Workforce Accommodations in Singapore

As citizens of Singapore, we can take part in the control to reducing pollution at workforce accommodation in Singapore by following a few easy steps that start at your workforce dormitory. Here you can discover ways to help keep your environment clean, green and healthy.

1. Decrease the unnecessary usage of electrical appliances

The is one of the best ways to save energy. You can purchase appliances that are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. A good way to conserve electricity is by turning off all the lights and electrical appliances when they are not in use. You can also wash your clothes in a washing machine by using both warm and cold water instead of hot water. 

2. Commute using public transportation or walking

If you need to go outside of your workforce accommodation, take a look at other means of transportation. Singapore is one of the most efficient public transportation systems, and the greenery that surrounds the communities makes it an ideal environment to walk to your destination. Walking helps to reduce CO2 emissions that destroys the ozone layer, and also helps you stay healthy.

3. Decrease the usage of wooden stoves

Wood stoves in your workforce accommodation area create excess smoke into the environment which is damaging to your health and others around you. Finding alternative cooking methods through energy efficient appliances that are low cost and quick cooking as well helps the environment.

4. Sustain a healthy ecosystem

Ecosystems play a great role in creating a healthy environment through the synergistic relationships between green plants, organisms, animals, and the people living in the community. Due to air pollution and global warming, the entire ecosystem has been affected negatively. In your daily lifestyle, small changes in the way you do things can help protect the environment and sustain a healthier Singapore.

5. Reduce usage of chemicals and pesticides

Within MES Property, which includes The Leo, The Blue Star, and Jurong Penjuru dormitory 1 & 2, has a strong value for ensuring our community is sustaining a green environment. By using ‘green’ cleaning products to ensure the living environment is healthy and promotes a good lifestyle balance is a value at MES Property. By rejecting the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides and focusing on ‘green’ cleaning products helps our communities stay clean.

6. Recycling waste products appropriately

A lot of waste products are disposed of incorrectly causing it to clot or obstruct the waste disposal process. Products such as glass, plastics, aluminum, and paper can be recycled efficiently through respective dustbins located at our various workforce accommodations. Purchasing reusable bags for shopping or carrying items can help keep Singapore clean and waste free.

7. Avoid the pollution

Our workforce accommodation promotes healthy living standards by keeping disposal areas located near to each room or main living area to help our tenants. Also utilizing water efficiently is how MES Property helps create an ecosystem that is environmentally friendly and keeps our tenants healthy for work. Having a green ecosystem starts from within, and MES Property helps our tenants live a healthy environment with a fun lifestyle.

Click below on the various workforce accommodations in Singapore if you are looking to have your workforce located close to your worksite in Singapore.

  1. The Leo
  2. The Blue Star
  3. Jurong Penjuru 1 & 2
MES Property Establishes Green Workforce Accommodations in Singapore

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