MES headquartered in Singapore, owns and manages a portfolio of real estate investment. MES’s portfolio spans across diversified real estate classes which includes workforce accommodation, commercial office spaces, hospitality services and integrated logistics & warehousing. With a core presence in Singapore, the Group continually explores similar portfolios across the region which it can leverage its core competencies and capabilities.

MES real estate portfolio includes the following to name a few:
  • Workforce Accommodations (THE LEO, BLUE STARS & JURONG PENJURU dormitories) – home to approximately 18,000 foreign workers
  • Integrated Logistics & Warehouse facilities & services
  • Heritage Hotels (THE GREAT MADRAS & THE DAULAT)
  • Commercial Office Spaces (Singapore)
  • Student Accommodation (Philippines)

We create synergies among our relevant offerings and competencies to achieve cost efficiencies and add value to our business and clients. This is achieved through successful integration of the important elements of people, place, process and technology.

We are continually on the lookout to engage new investors who seek a trusted and experience partner to help springboard them in their new ventures or existing growth plan in similar portfolio where MES has attained high level of competencies and capabilities. Our aim is to value add and participate in such investors’ growth stories.

Some of the areas where MES can participate are:
  • Facility/Logistics/Hospitality Management Consultancy & Services
  • Facility/Logistics/Hospitality Project Consulting Services
  • Facility/Logistics/Hospitality Management Products and Technology Solutions
  • Growth Investment/Funding Opportunities

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